Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution Revolution

It's the hap-happiest time of the year.
Or is it?

Along with the holidays, time off, gift-giving, and the enchantment of Santa Clause, comes the reality of the new year and those new year resolutions. And, if you are like me, those resolutions are filled with excitement and determination for two or four weeks before they fall and fail behind.

There is only one year that my resolutions stuck - 2010. I had three resolutions and I succeeded on them all.

1. Reduce Debt. (I reduced it by over half by the end of the year!)
2. Spend more time with friends. (I started having a regular girls night with my nearest and dearest girl friends - mani/pedis anyone?!)
3. Finish a race, 5 or 10K. (I completed both!)

How do I remember these three resolutions? Because they were written down, but not just written down, they were printed out, laminated, and put in my wallet where I would see it every time I used my debit card or grabbed some cash. And that was the difference - the constant and nagging reminder to keep me on track. A special thank you to my fiance, John, who had the idea to print them out and laminate them!

When was the last time you made your resolutions a reality?

I recommend you try the resolution revolution that I did in 2010, so that you can make your 2012 the year you did what you said you would.

Here are the steps to your own resolution revolution:

1. Produce. Take the time to really think about your resolutions. Pick three goals you want to stick with for the entire year. Maybe make a personal goal, a professional goal, and a stretch goal - one that you may think is just out of reach. Produce goals that will make you proud when you accomplish them.

2. Prepare. Once you have the resolutions figured out, write them down, and start to prepare. Specifically, you need to mentally prepare. The hardest part of being successful, with any goal, is getting your mindset in the right place. This year one of my goals is to shed for the wedding - I'm taking the time between Christmas and New Years to prepare, both by getting the fitness equipment and memberships I need as well as getting my mind in the right place. I'm actually getting excited about starting up running again (not something many people get excited about) - it's been over a year!

3. Plan. Think of small ways to plan to achieve your goals. For my 2010 goal of reducing my debt, I planned how much money above my minimum credit card payments I could make, then set them up on auto payment. I also determined how to save more money and made a large lump sum payment at the end of the year. That feeling of accomplishment was one of my proudest moments. Relieving myself of over 50% of my debt in one year was amazing AND only possible by my planning, all year long.

4. Partner. Probably the most crucial part of the revolution, is finding someone to partner with on your resolutions. John and I both told each other our goals and helped keep each other accountable through out the entire year - not just the first few weeks or months of the year. Your partner doesn't have to be your spouse, it can be your BFF, a co-worker, your mom, or anyone else you trust and will respect when they tell you to get your butt back on track!

I know you are probably whispering in your head, "Easier said than done, Stephanie!" and you would be wrong. It is just that easy: produce, prepare, plan, and partner and you'll make your own resolution revolution.

I still have my laminated card, because they are resolutions for life, not just one year. See my Resolution Revolution Card here.

I wish you the most successful and hap-happiest new year of all!

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  1. My question is: what happened to your 2011 goals? Did you laminate them too? Do tell. Blessings, Amy

  2. I like the comment that your resolutions were for life not just one can have the "get in shape" or "lower debt" every year and not always do the same thing or take the same approaches to achieve. Thank you for this nugget!!

    Healthy Regards, Doug

  3. This is a great article and I will share it with my co-managers and other personnel. It has inspired me and I will get my goals laminated for the 2012 year resolution. Thank you for sharing this step with us Stephanie.

  4. A great guide to living, eating and enjoying life - French Women Don't Get Fat - be careful it may chnage your life forever - if you let it.


  5. Nice one Stephanie,
    "out of site,out of mind"
    Finding a partner is a big thing too. Sometimes the spouse just doesn't get it. Maybe that's why people hire coaches ?

  6. This has got to be the worst sales blog out there. Please, tell me more about how great you are, yet don't have a real job. All your ideas are from other sources and your stories are all about how great you are. Get a real sales job, succeed for 10 years, then write this drivel.
    How does Gitomer let you use his name???


  8. @Anonymous - I work with Jeffrey Gitomer every single day. If you would like to share your opinion with him directly, I welcome you to. If you would like to email me at, I'll be happy to put you in touch with Jeffrey. Thank you for sharing your opinion, as my blog is my opinion based on my own experiences in sales and life.

  9. I wonder why Anonymous 7:50 PM reads Gitomer.

    Dosen't seem to benefit from it.