Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Unexpected WOW!

When was the last time you experienced the unexpected WOW!? I experienced one about a month ago. I was visiting Seattle in my capacity as a Gitomer-Certified Speaker to deliver an inspirational keynote on Customer Loyalty. The event was taking place at the Seattle Riverfront Marriott.

During my AV check the night before, Lezlie from the Seattle Riverfront Marriott staff, greeted me to make sure that all was well. During our short visit together we started talking about local “treasures”. Of course, I was in Seattle, the official home of Starbucks (my favorite service company), but they have other notable treasures as well.

In preparing for my trip, I had come across Top Pot Doughnuts that has 40 different hand-forged doughnuts - YUM! I mentioned the doughnuts to Lezlie, and she told me about how wonderful they are. We talked about her favorite doughnuts and mine (maple-frosted of course!).

We wrapped up our AV check and I headed up to my room to finish prepping for my keynote the following morning.

The next morning, I scoped out the coffee scene. They had a shop that served Starbucks in the hotel but this wasn’t a full-service, smiling green hat barista, order it how you want it, girly whipped beverage Starbucks. The closest “real” Starbucks store was directly across the street. I ordered my speaker preparation mo-jo juice – a double-tall, non-fat, no-whip mocha - and returned to the meeting room at the hotel to get ready to rock my audience’s service socks off!

It was game time and Lezlie arrived in the room. She walked up to the platform and I noticed she was carrying a box. To my utter surprise, she had gone to the Top Pot Store early that morning, hand-selected 6 beautiful donuts - including two different maple-frosted doughnuts. WOW!

I was amazed and blown away by the friendly and kind gesture. It was thoughtful, unexpected and personable - all elements of making a WOW! moment.
How are you WOWing your customers? Are you bringing them doughnuts, or are you bringing them the best doughnuts including their favorites (not yours)!
There are three major components to making a WOW! gesture:

1. Be thoughtful – a major part of a gesture being WOW! is the fact that you took time to think about the person receiving the gesture and making sure it is something that they want or need. No I didn’t need the doughnuts, nor did my hips, but Lezlie knew with my tight travel schedule that I wouldn’t be able to visit the shop myself, so she got them for me!

2. Be unexpected – the best part of a WOW! gesture is the surprise element. I never expected that Lezlie would take the time to walk several city blocks at 6am to get doughnuts for me!

3. Be personable – no doubt the most important component is to be personable. Her gesture wouldn’t have been the same had she gotten me a doughnut from Krispy Kreme or if she wouldn’t have included the maple-frosted, my favorites! I knew that she took the time to listen to me and remember what I would like.

Lezlie’s unexpected, thoughtful, and personable WOW gesture still has me talking and telling as many as possible. She got it right. Are you?
Want to see the Top Pot gift doughnuts from Lezlie? Find them on my Facebook page.

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