Monday, July 9, 2012

Less Meetings, More Music

“It was an okay day.”
“What could have made your OK day better?”
“Less meetings and more music.”

Hmmm…there’s an idea. Why not have both? Music Meetings.

I have a playlist on my iTunes titled, YES that I play right before I give a keynote. It puts me in the right state of mind, an Empire State of Mind.

You know that song you play to get amped up. You blast it out your speakers while driving to a big sales call, or during a race, or before taking the field. You are thinking of it right now. It’s full of rhythmic beats, melodies, bridges, choruses, storytelling lyrics and high notes that swallow your soul.

Music has a way of doing that. Scooping you up and whisking you to another place and time. To other memories, full of past places, tastes, and people.

What’s playing in your soul right now?
What lyrics are your heart writing and your mind singing?

Today, I’m a little New York (Snow Patrol) and a little Flake (Jack Johnson). And I’m always a little You and Tequila (Kenny Chesney).

I bet I just got you thinking of a song that reflects how you are feeling right now. And I can list a number of songs that will transport me somewhere else. So can you.

Get Low – Post Georgia vs. Clemson football game in the parking lot with Kristen.
Not Ready to Make Nice – 2am singing session with Nata and Ris
When I Get Where I’m Going – Grandpa’s viewing
Lady in Red – My Mom. Every. Single. Time.
Wonderful Tonight – Sandy Cayman beach with a harpist and a proposal.
Changes – Ready to take stage and take control with my keynote about change.

There is a special connection between music and mind. But what’s behind the music? Behind the melody, the bridge, the chorus and the voice? 

Musical mantra’s.

The way these musical mantras affects you is two-part.
Part-circumstance: Where was I? Who was I with? What was I doing when I heard this song?
Part-emotion: How does this make me feel? How do the lyrics speak to me?

It’s pretty powerful – music is language in the ultimate communicative state. More people listen to music than read. Disagree? Glee much? American Idol? The Voice? MTV? You don’t see Reading Rainbow on the television anymore these days, a sad truth.

Music has and will always be the great connector of the masses. There may be 50 Shades of Grey to challenge my theory on this.

What’s so attractive about music? It’s the songwriter’s ability to convey a message and an emotion through their words and melody.
What’s your song? What’s your message? What are you trying to convey that will transport people to another time and evoke pure emotion?

The next time you want to be persuasive in a board meeting, or during a performance review, or asking for a raise, or leading the team project, or even asking someone out on a date, I challenge you to write your words like a songwriter to tell your lyrical story. Make it a music meeting.

What's stopping you from presenting a musical mantra at your next meeting?

Write it. And then sing it out loud. Sing it loud. Sing it proud. Dare to go there. Be inspired. Be real. Be the next American Idol. Be You. And don’t be afraid to say what you really want to say. Risk it all.

Here’s my stab at a broken-hearted music mantra:
Was I just something to pass your time, fill your silence, and break your boredom?
Or was I someone who passed through your dreams, filled your mind, and broke your heart too?

Step aside Adele. Step aside.

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