Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fulfillment of Your First Time

Do you remember your first sale?
Do you remember the rush you got after you closed it?
Do you remember the validation you felt? A reassuring feeling, wasn’t it?

How do you feel when you close a sale NOW?
Do you simply smile then move on to the next one?
Or do you relish making the sale the way you did when it was your first one?

I remember my first sale. As a TrainOne sales rep, I had been doing my due diligence to learn the product and implement Jeffrey’s proven successful sales skills. I listened to the senior sales reps on the proper way to make a sale. I studied and practiced and prepared. I wanted to make sure I did everything perfectly. The realist in me knew I wouldn’t be perfect, but I wanted to arm myself with the knowledge and skill to be as perfect as I could on that first sales call.

I remember picking up the phone to call Scott. It rang and then he was on the line. “Hello?” The rush of having him on the phone hit me and I took a deep breath and started the conversation the way I had studied, practiced and prepared. The call went well and I was able to accomplish my goal of getting an appointment scheduled to show him a demo of our product.

My demo appointment with Scott went with only a bump or two along the way. Much to my delight, Scott became my first customer! He also became a great enthusiast of mine. Following the close, he was quick to inform me that he knew he would be buying from me after our first call. He said I had demonstrated what I was selling unlike other representatives from the various companies he had spoken with in his discovery process of who to buy sales training from.

Stop it, you’re making me blush!

I informed Scott that I had only been with the company for one full week. He was shocked that he was my first customer! I was ecstatic. I was validated. I made sure to relish in that moment.

So I ask you again (in case you didn’t think hard enough the first time I asked), do you remember your first sale? Do you remember studying and practicing and preparing so you could be perfect? Or maybe you didn’t. Maybe you got lucky, and maybe you have never worked hard at making a sale. And if that is the case, think of how many MORE sales you would be making if you studied, practiced and prepared!

Go back to the beginning. Start your sales with the drive and passion you had when you were just starting out; when you were hungry to make your first sale. Make them know they are going to buy from you when they walk away from your first encounter.


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