Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nice to Meat You!

"You should check out The Meat House in Charlotte!" I heard while having dinner with a friend the other evening. The Meat House, Matt explained, is the new neighborhood butcher, and he continued to rave about their meat selections for a few minutes.

Two days later I was walking through their doors.

"WOW! What a cool place." I thought to myself, as I gazed around the entry-way of what I would describe as a Meat Boutique.

I was quickly greeted by Courtney, a smiley young woman eager to help me who asked, "Is this your first time here?"

"Yes!" I replied.

"Would you like for me to show you around?" she asked politely.


We walked through the store as she pointed out each area. Local produce, wine selection, beer, fresh bread from a local bakery, explaining along the way, "We try to give back to the local community as much as possible." Adding value in my mind.

Next, we walk towards the long butcher counter where Courtney starts explaining the different meats they carry and the marinades. She walks towards the counter where one of the butchers hands her a small package. She presents the package to me, "Here is a sample of our burgundy wine marinated steak tips for you to take home and try!" More value added.

At this point, Courtney let me know if I had any questions she would be around, but she would now let me explore the store on my own. As I walked around, I found a few sample stands to try some of their unique fare. Cool.

I ended up buying some steak tips, mushrooms, and potatoes for dinner that night. It made for a DELISH meal. It was nice to know that their product matched the level of service from Courtney.

You may be asking yourself, "What does buying meat have to do with me?" The answer: Everything.

Why did I go to The Meat House? I received a great referral from a friend. Who is referring you?

Why did I buy from them that day? I received great service as soon as I entered their store. How great is your service?

Why will I go back? Plenty of reasons: they gave great service; have a different product that I have not found elsewhere (and that tastes fantastic); they were friendly; they were willing to help me; they support other local businesses; and they gave great service.

Did I mention the service? What reasons are you giving your customers to keep coming back to buy from you?

I'm thrilled about my new discovery and look forward to picking up many dinners from The Meat House. Great service and great products lead to referrals and new business.

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