Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Problem Here

When was the last time you had an “AHA” moment while listening to a story?

I had one, not too long ago, while sitting and having wine with my neighbors. We were talking about a bad storm that had passed through earlier in the week and the aftermath of problems it left when our section of town-homes were struck by lightning. Many electrical appliances were fried: televisions, laptops, receivers, Direct TV boxes, etc.

The morning after the storm, Tim, from Home Specialties, was scheduled to come set up the universal remote for our home. And he did, but I didn’t find out what he did before he came to the appointment until after talking with my neighbor Kirk.

Kirk told me that he was working in his office upstairs when he saw a truck pull into the driveway. He wasn’t expecting anyone, so he went down to check it out. In the driveway was Tim.

Their conversation went something like this:
Kirk (Potential Customer): “Hi, Can I help you?”
Tim (Sales Guy): “I’m sorry, I think I am at the wrong house. That was a bad storm that came through last night. Is everything OK here?”
Kirk (Potential Customer): “Well, a few things were ruined, our two computers and a garage door opener.”
Tim (Sales Guy): “You know, I’m from Home Specialties, and I worked on your home and did all of the wiring. I could take a look and see if I can help.”
Kirk (Potential Customer): “Wow, that’s very nice. I would appreciate that.”
You can imagine how this ends, or maybe you don’t. Kirk is now one of Tim’s Home Specialties alarm system customers.

After recounting the story, Kirk told me, “Tim really reminded me about the importance of customer service because in sales, there are no such things as problems, only opportunities to make relationships.”

AHA! Now that’s something worth repeating.

In sales, there are no such things as problems, only opportunities to make relationships.
When was the last time you took that approach?

Tim went to the wrong house. He could have easily said “Sorry” and left it at that. But he didn’t. He saw his mistake as an opportunity to get to know Kirk. He was successful in making a sale because:

1. He had a YES! Attitude
2. He was able to see an opportunity, not a problem
3. He was willing to help
4. He built rapport with the customer
5. He backed it up with knowledge and was able to become a trusted advisor

I challenge you to use Tim as an example for yourself. Next time you make a mistake or have a problem, seize the opportunity to make a relationship. A sale will follow.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

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