Monday, August 1, 2011

Blogger Gone Bride Wild

I was recently asked to be a part of a wedding contest. Isn't that fun? A contest found me and asked me to enter, all because of one four letter word - BLOG!

Of course, there was something in it for them. DUH - free advertising. Soliciting brides to be who are bloggers is a great way to market your product. So I decided to play along. Besides, who wouldn't want to win a free video of the biggest day of their lives?

So all of you, get to help me win - and read the story of how my fiance and I met.

Go to:

Read our story.

Leave a comment - that's how you vote for me!

And share the link with as many people as you can.

This is a week long campaign - and I'm going to be elected.

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