Monday, June 27, 2011

Ask Kisser

I'm an ask kisser. That's right, I said it. I'm an ASK kisser.

I'm sealing deals and kissing checks because I've learned the power of making the "ASK". Not making the sale, making the ask. Most people don't close the sale because they never ask for the sale, or even worse, they never ask anything, period.

I love sports, so indulge me on this analogy: questions are to a sale what a quarterback is to football. Without the quarterback you essentially don't have a game (who's going to throw the ball?), without questions, you don't have game.

When you ask a question, you throw the ball to the other player - your customer or prospect - you get them involved. Question after question, you lead them down the field, first down, second down, first down until you've got a TOUCHDOWN (enter end-zone dance here)!

The questions you ask put you in position to make a sale. How do you know what your client needs? Wants? Thinks? Believes in? How do you know what your prospects past experiences have been? What they find of value? Are you assuming, or asking?

As an ask kisser, the best feeling in the world is to have someone smile and say, "That's a great question." AH, success! That's what being an ask kisser is all about. It's about asking relevant and powerful questions that get your prospects to smile and then reveal something about themselves, their buying habits, their needs, wants, thoughts, beliefs, past experiences or what they find of value.

Being an ask kisser doesn't happen overnight. It takes preparation and practice. It also requires that you put into action what you already know.

Here's how to be a great ask kisser:

1. Ask open-ended questions. DUH! I'm not telling you something new; I'm just repeating something that the majority of people still don't do! Break the bad habit of asking questions that allow your client or prospect to reply with a simple yes or no. If they don't have to think about their answer, you haven't asked a good question.

2. Prepare questions before hand. Spend time creating questions before you meet with your prospect or client. Asking relevant and powerful questions doesn't just happen. You have to put some work into it. Do your homework and write out at least five questions to take with you to your next appointment. You'll be amazed at how differently the conversation goes when you arrive prepared, with not just knowledge about the prospect but, with questions too.

3. Ask what your competition isn't asking. I'm a creativity advocate. I believe that creativity kills the competition. One of the key areas in sales to get creative is with your questions. If it's a question you've heard everyone and their Grandma ask, then don't ask it. Think outside the Magic 8 ball (where you only get yes or no or maybe answers) and be forward thinking. Ask questions that no one else is asking - but please don't be risque or offensive. Be thought provoking, relevant, and creative to move the sales process forward.

4. Ask for the business. This should be the easiest on the list but usually it's the one that salespeople fear the most - the fear of rejection. Making a sale is like landing a date. You'll never get anywhere if you don't ASK! What's the worst that can happen? They say, "NO, get out of here you creep?"

Asking questions and asking the right questions is key to getting what you want, both in sales and in life. What's your best ask-kisser question? Post it on my Sales Barista Facebook page. I'll pick my favorite on July 4th and the lucky winner will receive one of my favorite things - a Starbucks gift card.

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  1. At the risk of kissing your ASK, I loved the column. For some reason people have forgotten how to ask for the order!! That's how you get paid.

    Art Hotz