Monday, March 7, 2011

Your Face Won't Lift Itself!

Let’s be honest, it was time for Gitomer to get a face-lift! His weekly e-zine, Sales Caffeine, that is. Doesn’t it look great? Fresh, clean, sharp, modern, branded. After 485 weeks of production, the look of Sales Caffeine finally matches its stellar content. Lesson learned: the package in which the material is delivered is as important as the material itself.

SO…What in your business is in need of a face-lift? Some renergized effort? A creative overhaul? Better branding?

Is it your website, business card, brochure/literature, blog, logo, title, you? There are so many channels in which we communicate with each other, prospects and customers, ALL of which reflect the image of your brand. How are you capitalizing on these opportunities?

There are three key areas that will add to what you are doing now and make it better.

First, get branded! Decide on what your brand is going to be and put it on everything. Creating a brand and sticking with it is key to making your name known and recognized by the people you do business with and more importantly the people you WANT to do business with.

Two, get fresh! Whatever you put out in the marketplace make sure it is clean, crisp, sharp, fresh, modern. I did not say trendy. Don’t mistake what’s fresh and modern for something that is trendy. The internet and social media are not going anywhere, so don’t think these are trends. Incorporate them into your fresh look. Neon colors were a trend for nail polish last year. Alert: this is a trend. So it’s safe to say, I would not have created a whole business campaign with neon colors. When attempting to freshen up your look, stay with what’s tried and true, but make it your own.

Three, get creative! This is what most people will struggle with. “I’m not creative. I don’t think that way.” To that I respond: WHATEVER! If you aren’t creative, hire someone who is. Creativity is golden in a marketplace of boring, stagnant, complacent companies. Dare to be different, right? Putting a creative spin onto your communication is the easiest way to truly engage your audience.

Branded, Fresh, Creative, Got it? Now get going! Explore your world of communication channels and open your eyes to the possibilities of a face-lift. I promise, you’ll be glad you did.

I’m your Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista. How may I help you, help yourself?


  1. Hi Stephanie,
    I think your confusing brand with identity.
    Your brand is your culture, what the outside world thinks of you and your company/products. Your identity is your logo, corporate colors,marketing pieces, website, etc. So first on the agenda is to create an identity and then you can start branding.
    Tom Egly
    TGD Communications

  2. I'm sure I agree with you Tom. And I think that both Brand and Identity are just words that really don't matter that much and inter-related and inter-connected so much it can become hard to seperate them. For example: Apple is a brand. It is identified by it's logo, a half eaten apple. Apple's brand is also identified by their product's style and design. Or is that their identity that is branded by their products...

  3. identity |īˈdentitē|
    noun ( pl. -ties)
    1 the fact of being who or what a person or thing is

    Based on this definition, I would argue Tom that the "Identity" is WHO the company is, not their logo, colors, marketing pieces, websites, etc. Your identity is created the minute you name your company.

    So it would be assumed that you already have an identity if you have a company.

    Thanks for you input - always good to be challenged with your thinking.