Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Orgasm and I bought It!

Have you ever had a job where you were able to pick your title? Me either. That was until I started working for Jeffrey at TrainOne. Of course, he has final approval, but still, it’s pretty cool. So as I started down the journey of trying to find a great sales title to become known by, I thought, “What’s in a name?”

As a woman, I am a marketing person’s dream buyer. I buy the name. Sometimes I buy only because of the name; those are what I call power names.

For example, when I go to get a manicure, I pick my polish colors based on nothing other than the name. OPI nail polish has mastered the art of creating a power name. They know that I don’t want to paint my nails pink. They know I want to paint them I Pink I Love You orAphrodite’s Pink Nightie or my favoriteI’m a Princess…You’re Not.

Another example is NARS. They are a very popular cosmetics brand (for the men reading this). One of my favorite blush colors is manufactured by them. It’s called Orgasm and yes, I bought it purely because of the name!

So names, to me, are pretty important. They entice me to buy. What have you bought strictly based on its name?

I spent several weeks working on my power title. Some were OK, some were pretty good, but I didn’t hit the jackpot until I 100% personalized it. I was drinking my Starbucks (another powerful name), as I love to do, and it hit me…Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista. Now that was a title! It was also the drink I had been ordering for years. I excitedly emailed my suggestion in for approval. Received an email response that he thought it was kick a**! A pretty nice compliment from the big guy!

As I started my first week with TrainOne, I added my power title to my email signature and got working. And you know what? My title got a LOT of attention from my sales leads. One guy even called me back and asked for me by my whole mouthful of a title. I’m not saying that a title will make sales for you; we both know it won’t. But it can serve a great purpose in identifying what you do and giving your customers insight into your personality.

What is your power title?
Is it creative?
Is it 100% YOU?
Is it worthy of a conversation?

Probably not, so I challenge you to take some time and really think about what you want to be known as and create your own power title. You’ll know it’s a power title when it is:
personally-creativeattention-grabbingconversation-startingreply-worthyNow go and put it on your business card. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a reply simply because of your new title!

Need help creating your new power title? Email me, subject POWER TITLE for my espresso triple-shot tip on how to create your own power title.

I’m your Double-Tall, Non-Fat, No-Whip Sales Barista. How may I help you help yourself?


  1. love your blog! i think i need a power title, gonna have to work on that. check out my blog, i'm just getting started and could use some advice. http://lessonslearnedinleadership.blogspot.com/

  2. I suppose it would be of note to say that I read your blog simply because you named it Orgasm and I bought it... whats in a name

  3. I love your blog post. I also swear by OPI nail polish. My signature color is Keys To My Karma and YES, I also bought Nars blush Orgasm just for the title. I think your title ROCKS IT - BIG TIME and your message does as well. :-)